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Climbing Carrauntoohil: Ireland's Highest Mountain

On August 24th 2021, I spent the day climbing Carrauntoohil, Ireland’s highest mountain.

Carrauntoohil is located in the impressive mountain range of the MacGillycuddy Reeks in Co. Kerry, Ireland. It took me 4 hour and 15 minutes to reach the summit at 1,038.6 metres / 3,407.5 feet.
I followed the “Zig Zag” route up and down the mountain. It’s longer then the most popular “Devil’s Ladder” route but more scenic and a bit safer. I hiked a total of 16km / 10-miles from Cronin’s Yard to the summit and back down again safely. The weather was great most of the day and the entire climb was spectacular. I picked a great day to capture this epic climb (video camera, photography camera and drone).

I’ve lived in Ireland for more then 15 years and I’m delighted that I finally had the opportunity to reach the top of Ireland. It was a perfect day out in the Irish mountains! Happy Trails…

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