[June 17th 2023] Workshop in Outdoor Videography – Wicklow Mountains


This full-day workshop in the Wicklow Mountains (Djouce Mountain) will introduce you to the world of outdoor video productions and photography. Mark Flagler will share his 20+ years experience and knowledge and offer many tricks of the trade. Throughout the day Mark will discuss possible shooting scenarios, explain in detail his thought process, work through foreseen challenges/obstacles, show its execution and answer the many questions that may arise. This is a “hands-on” workshop full of practice and discussions so come prepared to take part and learn from someone who has “been there and done that” in the industry. This workshop will help attendees improve their production skills and knowledge of working in the great outdoors.
Mark is also a professional outdoor photographer. The primary focus of these workshops is videography but photography will be discussed for those who are interested.

Some topics that will be discussed during the workshop include:

  • Planning and preparing for the shoot
  • Physical fitness
  • Research production locations
  • Shot lists
  • Weather Apps, preparing for ever-changing weather
  • Packing video production equipment for backcountry travel
  • Types of cameras for different shoots (video and photography)
  • Using tripods, gimbals, drones, sliders, jibs
  • Recording audio, boom microphones, lavalier mics, audio recorders
  • Batteries and charging in the field
  • Video angles, shot selection
  • Camera media, backing up files in the field
  • Discuss clothing for outdoor productions (gloves for camera work, rain gear, footwear, etc)
  • Leave No Trace Ethics
  • And much, much more…

The route and what to expect

The group will meet up at the JB Malone Car Park (here) at 9am sharp. There will be a 10-15 minute introduction and brief explanation of what the day entails then we are off into the Wicklow Mountains.

The group will follow the Wicklow Way up the stony track through the trees and up the wooden steps passing the JB Malone Memorial. The memorial stone is dedicated to the creator of the 131-kilometre Wicklow Way. Stunning views of Logh Tay, 6,000 acre Luggage Estate and sounding peaks come into view. The route travels over the raise wooded walkway to the southern shoulder of Djouce named White Hill. The sturdy, studded boardwalk give accessibility to the public but also helps to protect the fragile environment. This area is very open so expect strong winds blowing across the exposed landscape. We reach a trail junction with the Wicklow Way turning right, we continue straight heading north up the mountain. After about .8 of a kilometre we reach the summit of Djouce Mountain. At 725 metres it dominates the northeastern section of the Wicklow Mountains offering some of the best views in Ireland. After a short break at the summit, depending on the winds, we retrace our steps back down to the car park.

Important to know

Plan to be out in the field for up to six hours. You will need to be physically fit enough to walk comfortably on trails for 8 kilometers carrying your camera gear, additional clothing, food/snacks and water. Pay attention to the weather for that day and dress appropriately. Please do not leave any valuables in your car during the workshop. This area is known for vehicle brake ins.
All skill levels welcome! Having video production gear for the workshop isn’t mandatory. I’ll have my camera kit with me and will discuss shot lists, camera angles, shooting in difficult weather conditions, etc. This is not a “teach you how to film” workshop but a course to help individuals to improve their knowledge and skills in outdoor video production.

More Information

Once you sign up and pay for a workshop you will receive a phone call from Mark Flagler to discuss the workshop and answer any questions you have. If you have any additional questions about the workshop you can email me at info@flaglerfilms.com or call me at +353 85 8423970.
*Private workshops and school group sessions are available with flexible dates. Get in touch to discuss.


Mark Flagler will keep an eye on the weather for the workshop. If the weather is too bad (heavy rains and/or dangerously strong winds) the workshop may be changed to another date. Mark will be in communication with all those who have signed up for the workshop.
I look forward to seeing you out in the mountains!

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Cost €150 per person (includes VAT)
Location Djouce Mountain, Wicklow Mountains
Date June 17, 2023
Times 9am – 3pm
Length 8km walk on established trails and boardwalk
Difficulty Intermediate


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